Welcome to the shrine of Our Lady, Tabernacle of the Most High

12 11 2009

The Ngome Marian Shrine is located in the Eshowe diocese of northern Kwazulu Natal, South Africa.

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7 01 2010
Morwesi Catherine Seitshiro

It was a blessing for me to reache this place for i have found love, healing power and peace.

Ngome is a holly place that is close to God almighty.

I love the place.

May it be blessed immortally.

7 01 2010

Thanks for the post and for visiting the Ngome website Morwesi!

2 03 2011

hail holy Queen, mother of mercy hail our life our sweetness and our hope to u d0 we cry poor banished children of eve to do we sent up our site,mourning and weeping in this vale of tears turn then most gracious advocate ur eyes of mercy towards and after thisv ouyr exile show unto us ur blessed fruit of ur womb O CLEMENT,O LOVELY,O SWEET VIRGIN MARY…

9 11 2011
Beata Magadla Sibetta

Tabernacle of the most high! I want to express myself heartfelt gratitude. I always have and feel the presence of God at Ngome Shrine, it is a feeling that one cannot explain, the peace, love i feel makes me want to stay there forever and not come back to Pretoria. I look forward every year despite the challenges i always face, i become stronger and know that Mother Mary is there to pour out the graces from her Son provided i remain obedient and strive to be a loyal servant.

1 03 2010
setlabocha jonas mokhathi

this is true about our holy place. thanks

12 01 2010
Leanne Munsami

It was indeed an awesome experience from the time we arrived at the site. We were a group of faithful Catholics from Chatsworth.
We had a midnight mass at the shrine on Friday evening. We had re-enactment of our baptism at the shrine on Saturday morning. We travelled the way of the Cross – this was absolutely heart-wrenching to get a glimpse of how our Lord suffered.
We experienced the spectacular light show – a dancing sun in the most radiant colours – glorious rays of light over the chapel – a spinning sun – a fiery sun! Too magnificent – brought our group to tears!
No one could sleep that night – we had received our miracle!
Sunday morning – our Massof Thanksgiving was the close of our retreat!

I will go back there anyday.
Mary, Tabernacle of the Most High, pray for us.

27 01 2010

i’ve been to Ngome several times before and yet i always feeled over whelmed each time im there. this is truly a spectacular place more people need to know about so they can hear the message of Mary and experience God’s love

1 03 2010
setlabocha jonas mokhathi

I have been Ngome in June 2009, It was a blessing place I have never seen before. I am writing from Maseru, Lesotho. I respect Ngome since there is Our Lady, Tarbanacle of the Most High. We also enjoy praying in the chapel. May God bless brother John, Father Michael.

I would like to thank ‘M’e AMELIA POSHOLI, This is the person who is sent by God to show us the way to Ngome and the entire life in Ngome.

My Name is Setlabocha Jonas Mokhathi
please publish my my names in as much as prayer is concerned.

14 04 2010
Sylvia Regina Vilanova

I was really happy to be able to find the website; we heard of Our Lady through father Patrick, who was there to promote perpetual adoration. When I saw the picture he sent us, and read Our Lady’s message, we immediately adopted her and have been talking about her and distributing copies of the photograph to make her known in this part of the world.. I live in El Salvador, Central America…

During the yearly celebration of the “Way of the Cross” on good friday at the beach, we made a “salt rug” of Our Lady of Ngome. It was very nice and we were very happy to do it in Our Lady’s name. I would like to attach it here, but don’t know how to do it, so maybe some other time….

Please pray for peace in our country and in the whole world.

14 04 2010

Thank you so much for the message, Silvia. Can you email that picture to me and I’ll put it up? Thanks, our email is catholicstudio@gmail.com

14 04 2010
Peter Kortjass

I visited Ngome twice and I have never felt so blessed and serene as I did that time and after. The area makes you feel so close to God and it is so quite to an extent that you manage to reflect on your mistakes and it sort of pushes you closer to God. I even managed to go to a confession after a very long time. Trully the presence of God and the Grace of our Mother is strong in that place. Thanx to Father Mayer and the staff of Ngome for keeping it so beautiful.

Mother Mary of Ngome please pray for us.

Peter Kortjass

1 05 2010
Maetsane Mothibe

My friend Pearl and I visited Ngome on 27-28 April 2010. We met parishioners and their priest from Chartsworth. Within 30 minutes of our arrival we experienced a life changing miracle. For about 30 minutes the sun provided us with a spectacular show of light and colour. The sun spun on its axis and changed colour. There after clearly visible was our Lady of the most High Tabernacle. After a wonderful night mass we agreed to meet for a final mass before departing. We celebrated mass in the small originla chapel.After mass as we walked out we once again experienced a miracle of the sun. This time we saw the Host in the sun. What a blessed experience.

14 04 2013
Eugene Pillay

Thank you Zandile, for sharing your experiences, Ngome is an exceptionally Holy place of Prayer. May you continue to visit this beautiful, peaceful and holy shrine of our Dear Mother, and may she continue to intecede for, pray for and pray with you, so that you and your family may receive abundant blessings and graces.

14 04 2013
Eugene Pillay

Hi Maetsane, thank you for posting your beautiful experiences. We were the group that you met from Chatsworth and thank you to you and Pearl for joining us. May you continue to visit Ngome as there are great graces to be received and our Blessed Mother has three of her holy and dedicated sons taking care of her shrine. You need to experience Ngome with Fr Wayne, Fr Andrew and Fr Nkululeko. We have not stopped going to Ngome and if you would like to you can join us again on 22, 23 and 24 November 2013.

10 05 2010
Puseletso Diale

Me and my 3 friends visited Ngome this weekend, i had been there three times before but averytime i am there i always feel so much at peace. There were things that tried to disctract me from going but God’s grace allowed me to overcome them.

Mary Terbanacle of the most high whenever i am there i am sure to experience your presence. The wind was blowing so hard, as we went out of the church there was complete silence and i could feel the peace all around. It felt like it was to say to me that everything will be fine. I came out of there feeling so light as i know i have been renewed from the retreat.

Thanks for keepking this place so beautiful…….

Please keep me updated of any events at Ngome

18 05 2010
Sobantu mchunu

I was at Ngome on the 8th & 9th of May. I was a part of a groupe of students from Mangosuthu University of Technology. I was so blessed to be there, the place is peacefull and calm. And I took that peacefullness and calm back with me, form peace comes humbleness and love. The extent to wich you pray when you there its so amazing . When we were there we played a game where we held hands together forming a circle. One was suppossed to pray for the person next to him/her. That game tought me to pray for others. Before the end of this year I must visit Ngome for the second time. After a we’ve been there prayers have been answered.

God is wonderfull and amazing.

God be with you.

31 05 2010

Good morning wonderful people of God!
I went on a spiritual healing camp with Donna Julia’s group from Kensington JHB on the 29th and 30th May, and it was a Supernatural experience out of this world. I found salvation in March this year, and whislt at the spring where Donna Julia prayed for me, the Holy Spirit touched my heart and a lady’s voice sounded in my ear saying that Jesus loves me, I am His daughter. The voice was not that of the woman who was holding me at the time and even though my eyes were closed, I saw a bright light, and felt a touch so gentle on my shoulder. My heart and soul bubbled over with the Joy of Christ and I cried out “Thank you Jesus” over and over again. I have never felt closer to Jesus than on this day. I am in ore of the amazing experience I had there and will never forget it as long as I live – Thanks to Jesus for directing my there and for giving Donna Julia the Power of Prayer and the Gift of the Holy Spirit to cure and bless us all.

May you all be blessed living at this Holy Place.

On FIre For Jesus!!!
Paula ***

29 08 2010
Veronica Magetse - Klerksdorp Diocese

I have been to Ngome more than thrice but I cant see myself not going on the pilgrimage either Feb or September every year. Everytime I am there I feel like it is the first time, the peace is so overwhelming and the all night service is so enriching especially the final morning mass conducted by Fr Bongani Sithole. Though I havent received any miracles i wont stop going as I believe that God knows when is my time to receive my miracles. I encourage everyone to visit the shrine and experience the beauty and the power of prayer.

Mary Tabernacle of the Most High pray for us.

4 10 2010
Tyla azov

I went to Ngomi for the first time this weekend i was truely touched…

some of the things i found there was:peace, answers, closure and i also learnt alot of things and experienced so much!
when i arrived home last night i was missing Ngome already and today i cried the whol e day i was missing the peace i found there and my heart was sore i loved it there and many prayers were answered ,,,Mary my mother i love u and i place my life at your feet ..pray for me. AMEN

5 10 2010
Cecilia Hlatshwayo

I have been to Ngome for more than 5 times and everytime I experience the most unexplainable feeling I just feel like I’m somewhere and I have peace in myself I have manager to face the problems that I never even though that I can solve . That is all due to the prayers and rejuvination that I get when I’m in Ngome .All I can say is that God is faithfull all the time and what ever you need and I ask Our Mother Mary that request will be granted.

5 10 2010
nomusa shozi

i was at ingome on 2009 december 4 with a group of st marys hospital, and i took a picture from that water fall and its showing an amasing miracle.it got a men wearing full white and a lady with full white too. on december 25 2009 my sister was geting meried and the reception hall coulor was green and white and when i was showing others about this amazing photoe, i found another miracle there are people inside of that picture siting around the table, there chars and table has exatle colours like ours and there are celebrating, im still having it on my phine, and ill treasure it as long as i live, i think is the love of GOD, feel loved and blessed

21 10 2010


8 10 2010
Tino Lovric

My fiance and I went with a group from our parish in Silverton, on the 10 Sept 2010 to the shrine. I did not expect miracles to happen to me, but just the presence of being there made me realize even more the role that Mother Mary means to us Catholics. I would advise all Catholics to visit this special place and feel the blessing you will receive. Like me, dont expect miracles but hope that all who need them will get them. Mary is so alive and with us all the time. Be blessed.

12 10 2010
antoinette- Australia

mary tabernacle of the most high pray for us!

we have been to ngome on several occasions whilst we were still living in south africa. every occasion was truly overwhelming and the experience awesome. our family is dedicated to our lady and we cherish the moments we spend at the shrine. we try to visit the shrine whenever we travel to south africa. there are times when we long to be there and cannot, thats when this wonderful website comes handy, like now….

i would encourage anyone to visit ngome, you will never be the same again.
we thank our lady for all the blessings and miracles that we are receiving.
our family is truly blessed !

stay blessed and see you soon!

warm regards

antoinette and family

21 10 2010


22 10 2010
Damien Paul Mathurine

Myself and my wife, Allison felt a strong calling to Ngome which began 2years ago. We finally pushed all the obstructions aside and found a way to get there. The bus ride up was thru very thick mist and on a very treacherous road, but the faithful on the bus cont with the Holy Rosary and needless to say we arrived safely. We were greeted by four seasons in one day as the weather would constantly change up there. We began with the rosary down to where the 7 streams meet followed by stations of the cross and then holy mass after which we had free time to do what we needed. Allison went to the chapel to pray. On the way there she got very wet from the rain. I returned to the bus to get an umbrella. By the time i got to her the rain had stopped again (+/- 10mins). I found her kneeling in the chapel before the beautiful statue of Tabernacle of the Most High and Our Crucified Lord. When i felt her shoulder i asked if she had been caught in the rain. “why?” she exclaimed. Because you are bone dry. Our deepest desire was indeed granted as 1month later Allison conceived again. A difficult pregnancy it has been, but then one remembers that even Our Lady didn’t have it easy eg birth in a stable, the flight to Egypt on a donkey. We are spiritually confident that all is going to be just as God wills. Ps we returned on the 28/08/2010 and so much has happened since then. Salve Regina Mater Misercordiea!

4 01 2011

I went to Ngome for the first time in September 2010,the experience was amazing, it change my life for the better,im a new person now,im proud to be a catholic,im looking forward to going back to Ngome, thank u our beloved mother Mary,(terbanacle of the most high)

27 01 2011

I have been visiting Ngome for 6 years now since 2006. So many divine things happened in my life. Each time I go back there is some sort of revelation. But there are two moments when I visited Ngome and I experienced such a Phenomenal intervention, when I saw a sun like figure on the sky at night, in a very rainy night near the white chapel. This figure kept on appearing and disappearing in the sky. It was such an amazing Godly moment. A second time, was 6 months ago (December 2010). I saw a little tree near the cross on the hill and I was praying and a message of conversion came to me. I am planning to go back to Ngome to give thanks for a job that I am going to start now in March, I have been looking for a job that I qualified for, for the last 9 years and finally in 2011 God has blessed me with it. Our Lady’s prayer is conversion to all sinners in world. I felt that message was directly communicated to me in prayer and that really touched my heart. I pray that many Pilgrimages that go Ngome could experience this.

17 02 2011

Even though I have never been to Ngome, I pray that Our Lady’s message be heard and that this website be a vessel of true conversion and devotion..

22 02 2011
Sr. Marita Schweiger

I have been at Ngome several times while I lived in South Africa. Sr. Rainolda (UMashiane!) brought me there. While RSA was in transition, I had implored our Lady of Ngome and am convinced that SHE helped towards a relatively calm change. Thank you, Blessed Mother!
I greet all my former Students from Inkamana High School near Vryheid!

28 02 2011
Tlotlo Nkomo

27th February 2011 was the best day of my life ever!i visited the shrine from Botswana and i feel free in spirit, heart and soul! the palce is indeed a holly place, i felt the presence of the holly spirit during the night vigil and the Prists were amazing!!
oh bless us Marry Mother of Jesus!!!
I am visiting the Ngome again next year February!
Dumela Maria
Otletse grasia
Morena onale Wena
O letlhogonolo mo basading
Mme go letlhogonolo leungo la sebopelo sa gago Jesu
Maria yo boitshepo MmaModimo
Ore rapelele baleofi
Jaanong leka nako ya leso la rona

28 02 2011
tsholofelo phatlhane

i greet you all in the name of the most high. i went to ngome this past weekend and i have to say that it was the most blessed weekend i have ever had in my life. the place has the holy spirit it is peaceful and you can sense the love of our mother Mary.i thank the lord for such a wonderful opportunity.

21 03 2011
Glena Soukup

I have worked for the Misssionary Beebdictine SIsters, 30 yrs. of my life, and now my
only child has pancreatic cancer, stage 4 and the Sisters have petition to Sr.Renialdo
for a miracle for his recovery from the horrible cancer. Please pray for him and his
family. Thank you.

28 03 2011
Damien Paul Mathurine

DEO GRATIAS! Born to us truly the intercession of Tabernacle of the Most High is our little boy, Josef Immanuel Mathurine. Our gynae admitted 2 weeks before delivering that he’d not seen us making it this far, but with prayer and faith all is possible. Thanks to Fr Wayne and the Ngome team. His words to Allison were: You will bear to full term. We will return soon to show Our Mama Maria Her little Ngome baby.

2 04 2011
Mama Maphela Kokstad Diocese

Mary tabanecle of the most high, Pray for us. I have always head about Ngome for so long, it is this year where God made everything successful. Last weekend i was at Ngome, i enjoyed every moment there. It is truelly a place of prayer nd so holy. What blessed me more is the ADORATION hour. God bless your sons Father Wayne nd Father Nkululeko. HOLY MARY, MOTHER OF GOD PRAY FOR US SINNERS, NOW AND AT THE HOUR OF OUR DEATH, AMEN.

5 04 2011
Ntombifuthi Pearl

Since being a Catholic, i have recently found Mother Mary in my thoughts and in my heart and all that i do…i have never been to Ngome and my mother would always urge me to go but due to work commitments or finance i wouldn’t be able to. Now i feel the calling more than ever, i’ve used the candles and the water when i pray and only miracles to date have happened. I feel like it is time NOW- i wish i had the resources to be there because i can feel my spirit moving, i can feel Our Lady Terbanacle of the Most High…i would love to experience her in actual fact i know i will experience her when i get there.
If anyone goes to Ngome kindly please offer a lift at any given time- i have put away money to do so and would rejoice if i would travel with fellow pilgrimages.

Our Lady, pray for us! 🙂

15 04 2011
sacha constance

Hi Ntombifuthi Pearl,

Where do you live? We are putting a group together that will be leaving from durban (Morninside) Firday 10Th June 2011. If you are interested

14 04 2013
Eugene Pillay

Hi Pearl, thank you for sharing your desire to visit our Blessed Mother’s Shrine. We are a group of pilgrims from Chatsworth, Durban. This is truly a Holy place of Prayer given to us by our Our Lady Tabernacle of the Most High. We visit Ngome once a year by bus, the dates for our next pilgrimage is on 22, 23 and 24 November 2013. Drop me an e-mail, I will continue to pray for you. God Bless – eugene

14 04 2013

Dear friends. Ngome is truly a holy place where the Graces of our Lady flows. May you find the peace and blessings I found there. I went in March. I plan going again soon. May God keep his shepherds there and worldwide safe. Dimakatso Ramagole
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15 04 2011
Sthembiso Mahome

Dumela fela eNgome kunokuphila Tabernacle of the most high pray us.

15 04 2011
Sthembiso Mahome

Dumela fela eNgome kunokuphila Tabernacle of the most high pray for us.

25 04 2011
ndlovu Gift

i was there in november 2009. it was a wonderful experience for me . the place is really a place of prayer, i was going there to pray for a purpose and grateful that it was fulfilled. i stay far from that place and i wish i can go there regularly to pray. i am planning to go there again.

7 06 2011

I was there with the catholic rosary group of ST MARTIN DE PORRES & ST FRANCIS XAVIER CATHOLIC CHURCH EAST LONDON It was the most awesome experience I had but I’ll advice one to go and witness it themselves

Hopefully that was not my first and hope not the last visit

13 06 2011
Maggy Mokobaki

I went there last year 18th to 19th Sep 2010, for the 1st time, and i never felt like that in my life, that place is very holy, my aunt paid for me since I wasn’t working after loosing my job, we prayed I know Mother marry lives there. I so believe and I thank my aunt for giving me that opportunity ,I will also pray for her to have a child. Now Im going back to give thanks as i got another job, its a contract but im tghankfull.

13 06 2011


5 07 2011

Angela Morgan 5.7.2011

I went with a Group from Florida Gauteng Westrand and the Pilgrimage to Ngome and returning was unforgettable.

I have been greatly blessed ever since the trip to Ngome. I would defintley recommend this Pilgrimage to even the faint hearted. My faith has greatly increased since my trip and I have personaly seen and heard of miracles and cures that have taken place from those who have visted the Tabernacle of the Most High Shrine at Ngome.

May God Bless you all!!!

5 07 2011

Hello all…hopefully every one of you will take the time to visit Ngome…for self and for all!
I arrived at the Shrine expecting…a miracle, I received so much more!
My life was and is in turmoil…I suppose the only time we turn to God. With a group from my local church, I suppose we were expected to follow the routine prayer ceremonies for the four days we were to be there. I just couldn’t follow…so I went off on my own to find I don’t know…I found JOY, it was incredible. All the issues in my life were still there, but different, it was as if God showed me that my problems were not ignored but not as important as I thought they were! Cos He was there to comfort me in a way that no person could ever be or do. I got to place in my spirituality where what the world has to offer is not what I want anymore…therefore I will obey, in order to feel that JOY again without the issues this time “I will obey Lord”…the Love I’ve yearned for all my life, I have found it! Hahaha…if I sound selfish then its because I am but I am prepared to share with any and everyone! Take a step into love and find God, He is…indescribable!!!

12 07 2011
Mary Mabatho Letsaba

Mabatho- Lesotho
This was a wonderful experience in my life as a catholic to feel the presence our Lady in our mist. The time I spent at the shrine was filled with joy and full of worship. It was my fisrt time to realise that one can leave without food, there was no time I felt hungry or tired of praying. The place makes one to feel save and forget about the troubles of this world, I felt like all my burden was taken away; and left the place as a new person, full of energy to make sure that the relationship with Our Lady continues wherever I am and continue to spred the good news to my fellow Basotho. It was incredible, the five stones will help me to continue to serve the Lord, they are my LIFE. Ever since the trip to Ngome I have realise my purpose in LIfe, my prayers will help save the WORLD.


10 08 2011
Ts'ooana Tau

Our Lady Tabernacle of the Most High, Thank you!

15 08 2011
Axel Mobinzo

I Could have spent that weekend anywhere else in the country but Our Lady Tabernacle of the Most High wanted to me to visit her. What a wonderful weekend it was! May God Bless me with more Blessings to come and also Bless Fr Wayne.

15 08 2011
Ntebo Makosholo

I have always looked forward to my birthday on the 24th of September but ever since my first visit to the Shrine,I’ve marked September as a celebration month for myself and Our Lady. It is time for thanks giving,a time to reflect too. My 1st encounter with Our Lady was in 2007 when she smiled at me. I was overwhelmed and knew I had arrived HOME. Fr Sithole always encouraged us To Give Thanks In Advance, Thank Mary for allowing God to use you

21 09 2011
Tebogo F.Basupang

Cant wait to be there 23/09/11 and may God bless us and grant us all that a human being needs.

23 09 2011
Makano Mosidi

I will be going to Ngome for the first time tomorrow and cannot wait to get there ……i will most definitely share my experience on my return!

27 09 2011
Pearl Moipone Maibelo

I also visited ngome last year and this year, the reason why i went there is because i wanted to give thanks to our HOLY MOTHER MARIA , JESUS CHRIST and ANGELS because they vists me every year to protect , bless, and guide me. Last year when i was at ngome and i was sleeping at about 4:45 am on saturday, the HOLY MOTHER came to me and said wake up, go to the stream and fetch water, i woke up and did that. This year i saw Angels giving me beautiful flowers, golds and some covered small boxes of presents. People, please please please, believe in GOD and you will also see miracles. Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee: blessed art Thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and in the hour of hour death. Amen from Pearl Mantimo Moipone Maibelo, Glen Cowie Mission, Limpopo

28 09 2011
Phumzile Mahlangu Sacret Heart Ackeville

I have visited Ngome the last weekend, what an awesome weekend it was. Am glad I took my family with – my sister and my daughter.
It was just to say thanks to Mary, our Lady Tabernacle of the Most High who blessed so much after going there in Feb. Thank you Lord, Thank You Jesus! I am free from financial stresses, I had the most woderful 40th birthday celebration, Ive been blessed so much its not funny!
Today is three days, my very sister has received the good news,she has been successful in the HOD post she applied for. My nephew has been released from prison after the trial that took two years and there was no way forward.
You continue to bless us Lord and you derserve to be praised!
The Holy Ngome is the place to be, the motivations, preaches, the singing and dancing. Mostly the prayers help us to reconnect ith the Lord and find peace in our lives. It is an amazing experience. There is Joy, it was incredible, it changes people lives and things! You find comfort and peace within you! I found all these things and more, am content being the single mother of a teenage girl. We love God and believe in Mary and feel hetr presence. I am happy to be the child of Jesus and I present myself fully to loving and obeying his Word. I urge all Catholics to visit Ngome and see wonders. And will continue to pray for those who dont know intimately to find you.
Am going for the job interview and know I already have that job because I Believe. He has led me till this far, and will never leave nor forsake me.

8 10 2011
Lerato Chaka-Maputsoe

I first went to Ngome in May this n i’m going again nextweek. The experience was Holy n overwhelming. We prayed right from St Monicas to Inkamana that’s where i truly felt forgiveness n i became a new me. The burden i had felt for so was offloaded. We then proceed to Ngome i was totally taken aback by the unity of my fellow Catholics in prayer! All i can say is every service was divine, immaculate and so HOLY!

17 11 2011

just felt my body becoming lighter, and taking my worries easier.

24 11 2011

My family and I have been to Ngome several times, and we have always felt such peace and serenity at the Shrine. Ngome is such a wonderful place of prayer, and the feeling that one gets at the springs is unexplainable. Fr. Wayne’s adoration Mass on a Saturday night is very, very spiritual, it is one Mass that you should not miss while you are at Ngome. God bless you Fr.Wayne for your good work at the Ngome Shrine.

23 01 2012

My 1st time at Ngome was in 2005. I have never felt so at peace at the holy Shrine.With life challenges i am always given hope from our Lady Tabernacle of the Most High. This is were my heart & mind is. I get hope, feel the love from God our father and sometimes wish i could run away and just go live there away from everyone &this cruel corrupt World – u feel the gentle breeze and the presence of the Holy Family.

23 01 2012

Mother Mary pray with us & for us for more souls to be converted & saved

1 02 2012
malile Mochaba

i realy enjoyed my visit,it was really fun and i returned to Lesotho feeling so blessed

8 02 2012
Neliswa Motsuenyane

what a beautiful and fruitful experiance it was to be in such an amazing place. i felt at pease and so relaxed. i could sense the presence of the Lord in all areas. My testimony is that in the petition i wrote and left at Ngome i had included in my requests that God blesses me with a change in salary. Exactly four days later a random man aproached me at work to offer me a presenting job for a christian TV show. i was so happy because one of my many talents is to present and a total stranger saw that in me without even knowing anything about me.

16 02 2012
kuda Chilume

i have failed on two occassions to go travel to Ngome because of passport problems. i am hoping things will be ok in September this year and will definitely go. i believe it is a wondering experience.

20 02 2012
setlabocha jonas mokhathi


22 02 2012

I would like to thank Mother Mary for everything she has done for me,friends and family.I was face by “Death” three times (car accident,robbed and stabbed) and the holy spirit protected me.Friends and family let us retreat ourselves this Easter,it is not easy but yet we can try.No one in this world is perfect,all we can do is try.Let us convert!!!!!!
Viva Mother Mary viva!
“Let us build our nation in the spirit of Christ”
Pray for me……….
I love you all

23 02 2012
daphney mmotla

Being at NGOME it was wonderful day of my life and i have experienced a lot, and for that i hope i’m blessed with all my sufferings.

28 02 2012


2 04 2012
Louis Maziya

Ngome and Naju are God’s grace through Christ and the Blessed Virgin. So I believe

7 05 2012
Karen Biassoni

On Friday 27th April 2012, my Leonard & I were blessed to be able to escort a group of youth from St.Joseph Parish, Primrose, St. Domincs Parish, Boksburg and Holy Rosary Convent, Edenvale aged between 15-26 to Ngome.

None of the youth had visited the shrine before, or really had a relationship with Our Lady. All I can say is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit along with Our blessed Tabernacle of the Most High and Father Wayne were clearly waiting for this group to arrive. Words cannot express the experience, emotions ran high, tears flowed, praise and worship rang out and we all realised how blessed we are to know Our Saviour and Mother Mary.

Father Wayne you spoke to the hearts of ALL your pilgrims during this weekend, your word were heart, mind, soul and life changing, for this we will be eternally grateful.

The most memorable weekend ever. All praise and honour to You LORD JESUS CHRIST!

Karen Biassoni

20 06 2012
Mary Magdalenah

I went to Ngome Shrine on the 12 of June and that was an overwhelming experience since it was my first time there. I saw miracles from Inkamana, where Jesus spoke to us until we went back to Lesotho on the 15th. The sun sometimes resembled the Body of Christ, had a cross and a purple colour. I was at peace and felt the love of our Mother. I received real confession and prayed enough. I do not want to miss any trips to the Shrine as it is where i find peace of mind, Its me, prayer and the presence of the Blessed Mary our Mum. I love and adore Her. She is indeed The Tarbanackle Of The Most High.

26 06 2012

I’m looking foward to be at Ngome for the second time, from this coming monday 02/07 to 03/07 with my fimaly from Qwaqwa.

10 07 2012

What a spiritually fulfilling journey. Visited Ngome with family and friends from 6-8 July 2012. The experience was amazing, I could feel Gods presence everywhere around the place. Truely the place is very special.

To Fr Wayne & Fr Nkululeko uNkulunkulu anibusise, keep on doing the good work in the name of our Lord.

11 07 2012

Ngome a place of prayer. Go for confession too and have peace of your soul, I too experienced this peace after confession in Ngome.

18 07 2012
Ntombe monesa

Where should i begin, thank you so much The Tabernacle Of The Most High for being there in mylife for i have seen your graces n miracles through my friends,my family and me.i adore You,i trust You and i love You.i know i have passed my 1st year,though results are not yet in.all this is made possible by You.thanks again for healing my dad and i blieve in You now more than ever.i would like to help You,so that every child in this world know who You are and have accepted You.i am visiting again in december

4 09 2012
Gizelle Maria Smith

i am gizelle maria smith from St Peters church ,durban,4001.My parish priest is Father Siphiso Ndlovu.i have not yet been to ngoma but i am waiting to attend later this year.
I HAVE DONE THE CONCENCRATION TO MOTHER Mary and i am dedicated to the Holy Rosary.
Please add me to the prayer list and my children.GOD BLESS.

29 10 2012

My name is Mapula from Polokwane Diocese, I want to thank the priests in Ngome for their hard, long and wonderful work they are doing.It was my third time to visit the Shrine but everytime I go there is different and I learn new things.Dear beloved Catholics lets appreciate and embrace what is happening in Ngome because you go there and come back refined spiritually and want more. I cannot explain the peace that you feel whilst you are there.

Mother Mary Her Majesty, Tabernacle of the Most High thank you with all my heart with all the graces you shower us abundantely whilst we are there is a good feeling that I can’t explain.

God Bless all the Priests.

2 12 2012
sharon gordon

Thank yoiu. Ngome is truly a Heaven on earth.

2 12 2012

Ngome is truly a Heaven on Earth. Prepare yourself for this special journey by first going to confession and clear your mind of ungodly thoughts. Fill yourself with prayer and experience a Heaven on Earth

9 01 2013

i always cry when i think of what The most High has done for me and my family. Thank U mary, i bow before You, Jesus and God

9 01 2013

Thank you Mary!

15 01 2013

Oh…Lord how can I thank You more with the blessings and healing I received from Ngome. I had sickness that no doctor was able to identify or heal then I visited the Shrine and now I am healed, no more pains. Thank You Marry, Jesus and Lord. I share the wonders of you miracles with the world.

22 01 2013
Desmond D'Sa

i travelled with to Ngome with several men in a bus from Christ the King in Wentworth for my first trip to the Shrine. What an experience ,never to be forgotten .Thanks to Father Wayne , Andrew , Nkuleleko and Sister for their wonderful work and spirituality .I had a life changing experience and will continue to encourage parishners and people of faith to visit NGOME. I will continue to visit and pray for Ngome

May GOD continue to bless NGOME and may our Mother continue to be at NGOME .


2 02 2013
Pule Mooki

A blessing and an honour to have visited NGOME.A place of peace and quitetude.It brings you closer to your creator.I will strongly recommend all catholics to visit in order to expirience as words fail to explain.I.

16 02 2013
Eugene Pillay

My wife and I have made a few pilgrimages to Ngome joining other groups. However, one Sunday whilst at Mass, an amazing thought came into my head: “Why don’t we as a Parish Community make a pilgrimage to Ngome with our Parish Priest”. In retrospect I believe that this was the Holy Spirit leading us. I casually approached our Priest expressing my feelings and it was left in abeyance. About a month later our Priest preached about pilgrimages/ retreats, challenging our community. This prompted me resulting in our first Parish Pilgrimage in January 2010. Wow, such an amazing, spiritual and holy pilgrimage experienced by all pilgrims. In November 2012 we had completed our fifth pilgrimage and am now busy planning our sixth pilgrimage on the weekend of Christ the King in November 2013. Many peoples lives have changed and are continuing to change, we’ve experienced many, many miracles and healings. Since our first pilgrimage we are now spending more time in Adoration as a Parish Community. Our parishioners cannot get enough. We are extremely grateful to Our Lady Tabernacle of the Most High for having provided this Shrine in our Province of SA, which indeed is a place of prayer, especially for those of us who are not in a position to visit the many Marian Shrines overseas. May our Lord continue to bless the custodians of the Shrine, Frs. Wayne, Andrew and Nkululeko as well as the dedicated Sisters and Staff with good health, wisdom and love to continue making this Shrine grow and an attraction to pilgrims both far and wide. Our Lady Tabernacle of the Most High…………………………….pray for us!

18 02 2013
Nomasonto Nzama

I would like to thank Father God for the opportunity that HE gave me to visit Ngome during January this year. Firstly, I was moved by looking and touching the wounds of my saviour, my Lord Jesus Christ at Inkamana. Secondly, I was also moved by peace and the quiteness of the Ngome. Everytime when we were either serving mass or doing station of the cross, there were sound of the cows, which reminded me of the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. I would also like to thank the Tabernacle of the Most High for all the changes that she had brought into my life. The peace in my heart that I have never felt before. I would definetly encourage others to come and visit. I am definately coming back.

20 02 2013

Goodday brothers and sisters in christ.. Is there anyone who has details of someone in Johannesburg North, areas around Midrand arranging a pilgrimage trip to Ngome soon. please e-mail me on hither72@gmail.com

23 02 2013
zandile. lesaiah sithole

I visited Ngome for the first time in November 2012 when I arrived in these place a warm welcome from the Sisters and Priest makes me feel at home I was sick my feet was very painful during the confession on friday makes me feel that I have not praise God enough.On Saturday when we went to the Springs praying down to the Springs my life was completely changed.In the evening during Adoration Fr Wyne,Fr Nkululeko & Fr Andrew I salute you u make me to be a new creation till today my life is completely changed you are trully God messengers keep up the good work you gave me the assurance about my church.Since then till now Ngome is my new home. In my home and in my family blessings are pouring each and everyday I regret the time I have waisted suffering without praising my God. Thanks to the Terbanacle of the most High. Pls pray for us .

25 02 2013

Going to Ngome on the 2nd of March, looking forward to the experience

4 03 2013

So glad I went to Ngome, what a wonderfull experience it was, so blessed to have went and Im looking forward to the next trip. The mystical beauty of the place is overwhelming and you literally feel the Holy Spirit move you beyond your being. I was also overwhelmed by the number of people that went there and I felt like I was speaking to the Holy Mother face to face during adoration and the prayer sessions at the Holy chapel. I would advice anyone going for the first time to carry a camp chair, a torch, candles, rosaries or anything you’d want blessed and perhaps and notebook and a pen. Maybe cash as well to buy from the gift shop run by the Benedectine Sisters. It was a spiritually fulfilling experience and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat!

14 03 2013
D Ramagole

I had the most spiritually fulfilling time from 08-10 March. Thanks to the priests and the other pilgrims and organisers. Hail Mary!

10 04 2013
Dion Mohan

I visited Ngome Shrine of Our Mother – Tabanacle of the Most High on the 05-07 April 2013..It is a life changing experience. It is a place where you stop being a Catholic and start living a Catholic.

“Glory be to the Father; and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning it is Now and Ever shall be…Amen.

10 04 2013
Abigail Mokhethwa

I will be visiting the Holy Ground of Ngome, I am so excited at the thought of being touched by the loving hand of our Loving mother Mary. I know I will be coming back a new person filled with peace and blessings through our Mother. Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us now and at the hour of our death Amen.

12 04 2013
Dimakatso Ramagole

I went to the Ngome Shrine last year and I went back in Feb this year to say THANKS to Our Lady, the Shepherds that Jesus left to guide us, for peace that I received from this experience. I plan coming along soon with my family. Thanks be to GOD.

15 04 2013
Jacinta David

I have been to the shrine many times, and each time we experience a greater joy, a new beginning to our faith. Our group was there on the Divine Mercy Weekend, celebrating the feast of God’s great mercy. Being a devotee to the Divine Mercy, i had the most amazing weekend, I was blessed to have my family with me, my children, my husband and even my future daughter in law. So as a family we all experieinced the great mercy of our Loving Mother, who always reminds us that she is here, closer to us than we know and will always remain with us if we will just allow her into our hearts

15 04 2013
Abigail Mokhethwa

what an awesome experience this weekend has been, a big thank you to Father Wayne,Nkululeko and Andrew for allowing our Mother to work her miracles through you. I have just been confirmed into the Catholic church this Easter therefore am still growing within the Catholic faith. Coming to Ngome has opened my eyes to a lot of things, I have learned a lot regarding our faith as Catholics. Adoration on Saturday night was such a blessing, words cannot explain it. once again thank you to our Mother Mary. (15 April 2013)

15 04 2013
Dimakatso Ramagole

Its a holy place.

9 05 2013
Gloria Somayi

My seventh pilgrimage to the Shrine.. The last time time i have been to this Holy Place was in March 2013. I have never felt so spiritual before. My first visit to the Shrine was an experience, i will never forget. I have never been so close to Jesus, the way i am now. Our Dear Mother, has shown me how! I have been healed physically, suffering with a disease that i thought would never be cured. The Adoration on a Saturday night, is the best i have ever been to. One cant help but be in tears from beginning to end you really feel that Christ is staring at you, and asking you about all the wrong we do in our lives. Ngome is a place where we get rid of all our demons. Our Lord and Our Ladys presence there is so obvious. My eyes have been opened to see what i couldn’t see. Thank you Fr Wayne, Fr Andrew & Fr Nkuleko. You all have beautiful singing voices. Thank you Fathers and the kitchen staff for the wonderful healthy food……….. its the best. Hats of ! to our OMI Priests.
you all blessed ! Our Blessed Mother made the best choice. Want to visit Ngome…. go ………. “if you only knew the gift God has for you and who you are speaking to,you would ask me, and i would give you living water……….
Thank you Our Lady and Jesus.
Gloria Somayi

20 05 2013

i feel blessed to have set my foot on this holy ground! Thank you dear Lord.

20 05 2013
Desmond M Mushai

Been there on the weekend of 18 May with the Zimbabwean Community in Gauteng. It was an experience of my life. I felt my troubles evaporating. The Adoration pulled me closer to God. I feel my petitions were being listened to.

30 05 2013
Gertrude Davies

I am Blessed. I was at Ngombe the week-end of 24-26 May with the Blessed Sacrament group. What an Awesome week-end. Our Lady and Our Lord are Alive at Ngome. The Adoration is so beautiful and uplifting. Thank you Father Wayne, Fr Andre and Father Nkululeko a for your well coming hearts and all the prayers. Iwould also like to thank the Sisters and the Staff for the warm well coming hearts. I am healed and Blessed. Thank you to Our Lady for calling me to visit Ngome.Gertrude

22 11 2013

Hi I’m gizelle maria. Have also visited the shrine this year had a wonderful experience with my savior Jesus Christ and our Blessed mother Mary may God bless all the priest nuns and cooks all who world there I’m coming back to pray gizelle maria smith
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20 06 2013
Mantombi Nala-Preusker

I was at Ingome this weekend of 14-16th of June and this was my third visit.Each and every visit has its unique experience. It is always like the first time or one feels like you are in heaven due to the holiness of this place. One just inhales holiness rather than oxygen. The holiness is felt immediately when you get out of the bus no one tells you that you have arrived but the atmosphere just changes. Really thumbs up to our Priests Father Wayne, Nkululeko and Andrew. The adoration really brings you very close to our Almighty and very touching .Ngome to me is like my second home due to the warmth we receive. Thanks again.
Mantombi Nala

3 07 2013
Bernadette Kay

There are no words to describe Ngome other than AWESOME. MIRACULOUS, HOLY. I have had a complete change over in my life. Read a couple of stories herein and I felt the same experience in 2011 and in 2012 and by the Grace of God and our Lady Tabernacle Most High I will experience something new in Novemeber 2013. Frs Andrew, Wayne and Nkululeko are the three angels God sent to draw us closer to Him.So much wisdom, knowledge and holiness they have. My confessions???? speechless. The talks???? Magnificent. You are truly Jesus’ gifted apostles. Continue as shepherds looking for the lost sheep.I still feel the peace I received at Ngome in 2011 and each year since then I am drawn there. Words cannot express Ngome…our Lady Tabernacle of the Most High. To all the nuns whom we have met…keep up the good work of God and a special thanks and blessing to all the kitchen staff who tirelessly nourish our bodies with scrumptious, healthy food (three full meals a day). May God bless you and your loved ones abundantly.

4 07 2013
Mabatho Letsaba

The peace we get at the shrine is unbelievable. I felt a new person, the love of our mother, Tabernacle of the Most High lifted all the troubles of this world from my shoulders. The experience gives one the purpose of living and strengthen the relationship with our Lady. I am looking forward to my next visit to the shrine.

5 07 2013
Jermaine Gounden

I have been to the Shrine twice I belong to Our Lady of Health Catholic Church in Raisethorpe Pietermaritzburg what a beautiful experience what an amazing feeling of being close to God and Mother Mary it is a beautiful part of the Earth peaceful and tranquil the priests and nuns helped us connect deeper with our Faith and draw closer to God, Mary’s humble prescence is felt and I managed to take along my non-believing husband with the hope of being touched so deeply for a change for the better God allowed his spirit to work in our lives. I thank God for allowing us to feel a piece of heaven, I pray for God to continue to bless this shrine and the people who take care of it. Thank you Jesus and Mother Mary for being apart of our lives.

24 07 2013
Nosisi Makobane

Pls pray for my son he has a problem with concentration even at school teachers complain I also need a job please help me with prayers. Father last year I came to Ngome in June and I became very strong in faith but now i’m feeling weak and not going to church as much as I am suppose to. Please pray with me I need God in my life. Thank you.

25 07 2013
Nomusa Miya

Nomusa Miya
I had visited ingome Shrine for three times, i am completelty heald from a killing deseace, i am healthy, THANK YOU Father TYISO for your time praying for us in this Holly Place.Thank you Fr Andrew, Fr Wayne nd Fr Nkululeko for a wonderful adoration on Saturday night, i am trully blessed, i am looking forward for the next visit on October.
Thank you Our Lady and Jesus Christ.

15 08 2013
Pearl Moipone Maibelo

I would like to ask our Fathers at Ngome Fr Wayne, Fr Nkululeko, and Fr Andrew to pray for us all Catholics to change, to believe in God, to come closer to God, to be real Catholics. We realy need prayers’ especialy ‘A BO MAMA BE SAMBATHO’ but not all of them are doing the wrong things. Our Lady is not happy with the wrong things they are doing, that’s what She (OUR LADY) has told me. I have tried to tell them and i am happy tha some of them are now praying a lot, and may God continue to bless them and may HE open the ears of those who don’t liston and those who says i am lying, may God open their eyes
From Pearl Mantimo Moipone Maibelo, Limpopo

16 08 2013

Please pray for my children our lives our dreams our peace our finances oh friends our education our faithfulness to the catholic church amen gizelle maria smith and for divine protection amen
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5 09 2013
Bernadette Tawana

I greet all of you in the name of Jesus Christ.
I was in Ngome February 2013 for the first time. I thank god for all the miracles which are happening into my life everyday. I fully understand that I will and I am not millionair but through my prayers
specially my rosary and my strong catholism believe that I
recite my Hail Mary every day and thank Mary for all the graces we are enjoying because of her. It is very important that we salute our
mother Mary every time and praise her at the same.
What ever I do I will always think for the shrine of Ngome.I have been touched by holy hands , I drank holy water while I was there, I have
been healed spiritally while I was there, so many good things happened
I still my holy water , the lord is great.

MY name is Bernadette Tawana from Cathdral Gaborone

29 09 2013
Mina Manyane - Mafikeng

I was at Ngome on the 26 Sept 2013. What i enjoyed most was the peace and tranquility you feel going down to the stream and up the Way of the Cross, you can feel the presence of God everywhere. I went there beleiving that all my prayers will be answered and i still believe. Father Wayne, the adoration of the EUCHARIST was very spiritual for me, it took me somewhere i”ve never been. I hope to visit again when i get the opportunity and i know OUR MOTHER MARY! THE TERBANACLE OF THE MOST HIGH will make this possible for me.


22 11 2013

i am italian man…i read about this holy places for the first time today…i live in Italy and i would like to go visit and pray to the place our Holy Mother choose

2 12 2013

I went to ngome last year for the first time.I felt so blessed.My soul was healed and i was restored back to life.Thank you to our mother for such a beautiful place of prayer filled with blessings and much more….I am amazed

9 12 2013
Sarah Motloung

My family got blessed after visiting The Marian Shrine of Ngome

17 12 2013

This is the place of inner peace and tranquility, a place of renewal. I am blessed for been part of the pilgrimage. May God Almighty bless the Marian Shrine abundantly.

Mando in Mafikeng (St. Anthony’s)

7 01 2014

i visited Ngome Marian Shrine in Sept 2011,We arrived at night without our priest. Fr Wayne, Fr Nkululeko and Fr Andrew were so welcoming.As Fr Wayn prayed for me i saw the sign of the cross in the sky. my miracles statrted to happen.Thank you Mother Mary Terbenacle of the Most High!

13 01 2014

In 2001, Father Hugh Boyle gave me his ticket to go to Ngome in July. I prayed that whatever the Lord wants of me, may his Will be done. One miracle leads to another. 13 years later, I am now studying with the Oblates of Saint Francis De Sales. Yes, the Lord has indeed blessed me with gift of vocation to the priesthood. Since Ngome, my whole life turned from a vacation to a vocation. Alleluia! God be praised! Live Jesus and Mary!

17 01 2014

I greet all readers in the power of Jesus’ healing Name!
Since 2001, I have been five times to Ngome impromptu. Each time I went was a fresh experience like I have not been there at all. In an overnight vision during the September pilgrimage of 2009, Our Lady told me that there is no corner in a circle and in the inexhaustible radiance of the Host, I realised that the boundless ocean of the Sacred Heart of her Son has more than enough room and healing for the profound conversion of all sinners together. Many times I refused to go to Ngome, but I testify that Mary’s invitation is stronger than my refusal to go. When Jesus asked me if I can go and work in His vineyard, I said ‘No’, but later I went. Since then, everyday I live in the womb of Mary and she is forming me to resemble her Son and share in His Priesthood. My message to the whole world is, ‘Be pregnant with Jesus! May He grow in us to such a degree until there’s nothing of ourselves left, so that it is only Him working, building, ministering, guiding, preaching, teaching, healing through our nothingness! Live Jesus! Amen!

4 02 2014
Lebogang Bawela

God is good, all the time. Thank you mother Mary, Tabernacle of the most high for your graces and the opportunity to once again walk on the grounds of your Shrine. It was indeed remarkable. and I felt blessed afterward. May God protect, grant more strength and wisdom to Fr. Nkululeko, Fr. Andrew and Fr. Wayne (we wish you a speedy recovery father). blessed are they for they carry God’s work with love and utmost dedication. We truly appreciate the love and patience you have. All the Sisters at the convent May God be with you. you are amazing. Let us all repent and turn to God for we have so much to receive.

“go and preach the Gospel of God and if necessary use words” St Francis of Assisi.

19 02 2014

God is great and i never been in Ngome but had that there is Mary in that place. MOTHER OF JESUS PRAY FOR US……. NJABULO MIA

3 03 2014

I had the most magical, beautiful experience at Ngome this past weekend. I knew that everything will be ok. I’m humbled to have been there, I have found inner peace and true happiness.

11 03 2014
zandile lesaiah Sithole

Hi I’ve been at Ngome more than 10 times my life is completely changed I’m No longer going to the sangomas I’m practicing 5 stones and whatever I asked from God I get it.If u have not yet at Ngome I beg u to go there because ur FREEDOM is there.Friday u’ve got enough time for confession and Adore the Blessed Sacrament,during the night u will have enough time to pray.In the Morning u go to the Seven Springs praying a Rosary begging our Mother to hear our petition and truly She always answer our petition.On the arrival to the Springs our Priest Fr Wyne,Fr Nkululeko and Fr Andrew pray for u even if u’ve got Demons will be out whatever sickness u have will be healed .During the day our Priest teach u about our faith that is where u understand and thank God for being a Catholic! At evening is an Adoration where u thank God our Mother Terbanacle of The Most High for their love they’ve shown to us and to choose Ngome to be our Praying,healing and conversion place in the morning u have the last Mass the u go home being a new Creature.I will advise and beg people to go to this Holy Place and holy ground to have time with their Creator

5 03 2014
Tumi Sehlabo, St Benedict parish Sebokeng, Vereeniging

My 1st visit to Ngome was 1st March 2014 and it was long overdue and highly anticipated as in the past years I couldn’t go. But by God’s grace this was my year to experience this special sanctuary and praise the almighty God at a place he set aside for the people of Africa to praise him. I felt God’s presence in Ngome and I prayed like I never prayed before. Thank you to the organisers and to all the priests who were there and also not forgetting the choir. A special thank you to Fr Nkululeko Meyiwa for an unforgettable experience of what it means to worship and be proudly Catholic.
Tabernacle of the most High Pray for us

11 03 2014
zandile lesaiah Sithole

Thanx a lot to Our Mother Mary Tebernacle of the Most High pray for us

20 03 2014

I have been try the contact number given by Father Nkululejo. But they are not going through. Please give me alternative number if possible.

22 04 2014
Mary Letsaba

Tabernacle of The Most here I come. I can’t wait for June to be at the Holy Place and be blessed. Mabatho

12 04 2014

Iv been to Ngome more than 3times and I had a joyous pilgrimage. Its a holy place to be weekends whereby I hav a special interaction time with my Saviour. Many thanks to Ngome sisters for the good work and love theyv displayed to us.

20 04 2014
kelebogile Makoatsa

This day I feel honoured to be commenting on the tabernacle of the most high. First time I visited ngome my faith in our church was revived, renewed I realised then how much I didn’t know about my church and promised myself that I would never miss another visit to ngome. I have always been a committed catholic and I try at all times to respect our church , I went through lent with a joyful peaceful spirit and al thanks to the tabernacle of the most high. Mother Mary how I love and honour you.

19 11 2014

Today, I feel Jesus spirit working in my life, been to the shrine 2 years ago but somehow felt a connection today to the place I imagine it in my mind and bring all my hopes dreams aspirations my family my friends and especially my thoughts worries and anxiousness, I lay it the foot of the cross and humbly ask God for peace not only for me but for the world, I pray blessings conversions and glory of God be felt in abundance, I thank God for all I have and all he has made me to be.

20 03 2015
Charles Masamba Msemwe

I want to come at this Holy Place so that i can be healed both physically and spiritually.

15 06 2015
Lits'oanelo Ralitlemo

i have always been resistant to visit Ngome, but early this year 2015, I’d a burning desire to visit the shrine and i knew it was the Holy Spirit that pushed me very hard to go to Ngome, and indeed it felt good to be there, and would never afford to miss the next trips to Ngome. Miracles have been happening. Thank you to Mary mother of God for all your wonderful miracles.

16 07 2015
Mary Mabatho Letsaba

Mary Mabatho Letsaba
We took a blessed trip to our Mother, The Tabernacle of The Most High on 30th June. This trip happened at the right time when our country is going under political turmoil, it was a very perfect time to forget about ourselves but to remember that Lesotho is for All Basotho. We believe that Our Lady will protect Basotho and give them peace. Fr Nkululeko’s preachings were focusing on Lesotho’s situation, one run out of words to explain the experience I had with Our lady. Ngome is a place of prayer, it is so peaceful. How can I forget adoration. I am so blessed. How I wish I can visit this place more frequently. Tabernacle of The Most High bless this country!

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