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Have you visited Ngome?  What does the message of Our Lady “Tabernacle of the Most High” mean to you?

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23 04 2010
Ottilie. Kutenda

I visited Ngome in 2006 with a group from Namibia. It is a remaining experience. I really felt very near God. The picture in the chapel spoke to me without words and it remains with me.

Our Lady being called Tabernacle of the Most High is no surprise for me. What is really challening to me is the second part of the message; ……”.I am the Tabernacle… are you”. I find it even difficult to explain my own feeling when I heard this phrase. It really challenged me and how can I who is nobody be His Tabernacle? I thank God everyday for hearing such a challenging yet a comforting message of Our lady.

2 09 2010

I have been a regular visitor to Ngome and it has always been a phenomenal experience, it is an experience that defies explanation. One feels so connected to God and faith is renewed through this Godly connection.

Miracles are experienced, In 2006, when I visited, I had identified a house that I wanted that was out of my price range. I took my request for this house to Ngome and upon return, I went to the complex where the house was. I touched the wall and said “what I lay my hands on I claim as my own” and I believed that it was mine. I currently am living in that house.

I have gone back again recently and am constantly touched by the tranquility and peacefulness that is Ngome.

17 09 2010

I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting this amazing but thankfully my mother and i are going next week friday im a bit nervous but seeing the website helps… looking forward to the visit.

15 11 2010

I just went this weekend of the 12-14th November to Ngome with my cousins and my family. The experience was phenomenal and I thouroughly enjoyed to go to mass and to visit the chapels and to see the kids singing at mass. Definitely I will visit Ngome again and what you feel and see there is unexplainable.

18 02 2011
tsholofelo phatlhane

Im coming to Ngome on the 26 February 2011 and i am so looking forward to it. Ive head that it is the play ground of the holy spirit and you come out of there a changed person

28 02 2011
Tlotlo Nkomo

Tsholo i bet you are more than change and felt the spirit because i did and i thank God!!!!

22 02 2011

To our Lady of Tabernacle of the Most High.
I will be visiting in May, 2011 and my intentions for my family will be answered, as I have been wanting to go for so long. I can only be greatfuly and honoured to be going. Thank you our Lady for always holding my hand and guiding me to your son.

5 03 2011
Goretti Da Gama

Pilgrimage: 9th – 11th September 2011

We will be departing from Vanderbjilpark (Gauteng) on the above dates.
Father Lucas and Father Aaron will be our Spiritual Directors.
Please join us.
R700 includes transport, food and accommodation.
Please contact Goretti at 083 218 0911

24 03 2011

Hello all, I would love to go before easter, preferably in two weeks, for a night or two; it is me and my fiance and we are looking for 1-2 drivers and econommic car (ours burns too much fuel) to join us in this sudden plan.
We live in Cape Town

6 07 2011
Ts'ooana Tau

I have been to Ngome 3 tyms now (2 tyms in 2010; june and dec and i went again dis yr in May 2011). my every visit is lyk a new visit. Everytym i ask Our Lady Tabenacle of the Most High to strengthen my faith in God and to guide me on how to pray, to heal me spritually and i cannt complain. i have improved a lot and every min i pray i feel God’s presence and everywhere i go i feel God by my side. i feel protected by Our Lady and i will forever dwell in the House of the Lord. Praise be to God in the Highest; prayer has become my best friend. Wherever i am i proclaim the Word of God, i read the Bible, i fast, i go for conversion, i attend the Holy Mass often and receive the Holy Eucharist, i do all the above with more understanding and deeper faith.

I am in Lesotho

10 11 2011
Leanne Munsami

The Parish of Chatsworth has a group of pilgrims visiting Ngome this weekend 11-13 November 2011. We are hopeful that Our Lady Tabernacle of the Most High will appear to us. We are grateful for this opportunity to experience our Lord and His Holy Mother in this sacred place.
Please keep us in prayer.

29 12 2011
E.M Mot

E.M Mota

I always go to ngome with my family, priests and a big group of pilgrims.
I real like to be in the holy place, I always think of it. The Tabernacle of the Most High does so many things to all of us, e.g hope, peace, joy, happiness etc because of the place we are the changed people my prayer to God is to give me a chance to go to Ngome everytime for the rest of my live. For all the readers can you please pray for me I have the problem of vibroids.

Please Pray for me

24 01 2012
Martin Ndinisa

I visited Ngome for the past 3 years and I have to mention the miracles that happened in my life were totaly amazingly beautiful!
However I would love to know the dates for pilgrimages that will take place this year in 2012

6 03 2012

Ngome is a blessed place, which once you visited, you will always long to visit it again, and one will never stop vising and dreaming to be there. The holy hour which is led by FR. WAYNE leaves no dought that JESUS is there in the EUCHARIST. I and the large group visit NGOME SHRINE twice a year – June and December every year since 2003, it is our partten. the place changed our lives, our behavior. oh! TABERNACLE OF THE MOST HIGH, pray for us.

15 05 2012

Last year i went 2 ngome for the 1st time,i had a spine op in 2008 and was still taking painkillers. A month later i started 2 decrease the painkillers. In december i was completely pain free. I am going back in june it felt like i was in heaven.

22 05 2012
Simone du Preez

I was catholic by title only, for most of my life. I am now 23 years old and after a devastating experience in 2010, I started to seek God. However, I never felt a connection during holy mass so I convinced myself that one doesnt need church to have a relationship with God, and for months, I made every excuse not to attend. This may be true, but after my visit to Ngome from 18 – 20 May 2012, I realised the importance of fellowshiping and especially the importance of partaking in the eucharist.
I was a half hearted christian but my mother invited me along with the church and the minute I jumped into our churches bus and we started praying, I knew this would be something big for me.
My experiences over the weekend were life changing. I have a much deeper understanding of my faith and for the first time I participated in a service with a true understanding of the power I was being exposed to.
In return I felt that power, I felt Our Father changing things in me.
I went to Ngome a broken person with many sins and the inabilty to truly forgive those who had hurt me in the past, I came back home to Pietermaritzburg forgiven and emptied of every thing that had been holding me back and I truly feel filled up instead, with the holy spirit.

I am now ready to journey along my new path with our Lord and saviour and our Mother Mary Tabernacle of the Most High, as a true christian.
My prayer is that Our Mother Mary, Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Father God all remind me and draw me back into their love if ever my faith begins to weaken again.

Since this weekend I have had two dreams and One other experience,
In the first dream, a woman approached me and told me that I have been saved. (this was on the saturday night after I had been to confession and we had attended a service of adoration)

In the second dream, father was blessing the eucharist and as he lifted it, it continued to rise, beyond his hands were it eventually returned.

Then this morning (22 May 2012), my dad came into my room and asked if he could use my car, I knodded my head but did not open my eyes or speak, straight after he had left, a woman laid a hand across my forward, as if checking my temperature, I thought at first that it was my mom who perhaps thought I was sick, shortly after, she laid her other hand on my neck. Her hands were the warmest, softest hands that had ever touched me, I felt a sense of comfort.
She then proceeded to apply a bit of pressure as father sometimes does when giving a blessing, this gave me a bit of a fright because I realised then that it wasnt my mother. I hurried to open my eyes to catch a glimps of the person the hands belonged to and they were gone.
I knew then that it was a spirit that had no intention of harming me as previous ones had tried to do.

I am a converted Christian who urges all, christian or nonchristian and even nonbelievers to visit this holy place.
It will truly save and change your life.

5 06 2012

I am not from South Africa. My ex fiance is. Please Our Lady Tabernacle of th Most High, I leave the relationship over to you, and all associated, and I ask for freedom and peace. and for me and mine, good and well, amen. Thank you. I know you can do it!. amen

21 06 2012

While i was praying infront of our Mother: “Tabernacle of The Most High”, i had a vision: i saw a Rosary taking the form of a man and She said: pray my son this Rosary will protect you if you truely believe, pray my son!

16 07 2012

i recently visited ngome shrine with my family,i wish i had stayed longer but the time that i was there i felt the holyness of the shrine,especially in the white can fell the presence of God and our lady terbanacle of the most high…i am currently studing towards my degree,and i ask for our lady to give me blessings and guide me during my studies…also help me on my spiritual journey…

3 10 2012

I wanted to go to ngome so badly, I prayed to Our Lady to help me get there. When I was informed there was only1 place left for me on the bus, I told my daughter , 2 nieces and a friend to pray for 3 more places.
Thank you Dear Mother for answering our prayers. We will all be leaving on Friday for Ngome.
Praise God

3 10 2012

I wanted to go to ngome so badly, I prayed to Our Lady to help me get there. When I was informed there was only1 place left for me on the bus, I told my daughter , 2 nieces and a friend to pray for 3 more places.
Thank you Dear Mother for answering our prayers. We will all be leaving on Friday for Ngome.
May God bless Andrea and her family.
Praise God

9 10 2012
Sibonakaliso Simon

This coming weekend, 12 to 14 October 2012, together with The Knights of da Gama,will be visiting Ngome Marian Shrine.I can`t wait to see such a wonderful place. Our Lady of Ngome pray for me to your Son to guide me in my Spiritual journey.May the Tabernacle of the Most High pray for us to have a safe journey.

26 01 2013
Nokulunga Mthabela

I have been to Ngome Marian Shrine twice in the past two years, the experience is life changing. What touched me the most was the adoration on Saturday night, Fr Wayne is really blessed. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in a way that I had never experienced before. I am grateful to have been given an opportunity to go to Ngome. Thank you our Lady Tabernacle of the Most High for all the answered prayers!

21 02 2013
Thulaganyo "Thuli" Olefile

I am going to Ngome on the 22nd February 2013 for the first time. I am looking forward for more blessing. I can’t wait for the big day.

4 03 2013

So glad I went to Ngome, what a wonderfull experience it was, so blessed to have went and Im looking forward to the next trip. The mystical beauty of the place is overwhelming and you literally feel the Holy Spirit move you beyond your being. I was also overwhelmed by the number of people that went there and I felt like I was speaking to the Holy Mother face to face during adoration and the prayer sessions at the Holy chapel. I would advice anyone going for the first time to carry a camp chair, a torch, candles, rosaries or anything you’d want blessed and perhaps and notebook and a pen. Maybe cash as well to buy from the gift shop run by the Benedectine Sisters. It was a spiritually fulfilling experience and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat!

15 04 2013
Danè Donna David

I had decided to go on the pilgrimage to Ngome because I felt the calling,it was like I was drawn there,I had to go,I did not know what to expect but I didn’t expect that my whole life would change in just 3 days. When I got there Fr Wayne said that his body tingled with our group of pilgrims and that miracles would happen and was he right..I felt the miracle in me..
After mass I was introduced to father who looked at me in a strange way for a moment and greeted me with a hug (u could feel his peace ),after mass we had adoration with the blessed sacrament and an examination of conscious (which I recommend that it should be done by all catholics -its amazing how many things we overlook ) at this point I went to confession and whilst confessing,Fr said to me that I left something out and asked me a question which confirmed what I left out (how did he know that -i remember the look-it was like he saw through me ) he advised me what I needed to do during my pilgrim and gave me absolution. The beautiful part of ngome is the remarkable statue there,she is the most spectular thing I have ever seen,the peace I felt near her is unexplainable. On Sat we started the day with a walk down to the holy springs..I could never in my life expect what I felt there where the 7 springs meet…..on our walk down we said the rosary (on the topic of the rosary-i had no idea just how important the rosary was-i feel like I’m sitting at Marys feet when I say the rosary and that is how it should be) when we got to the holy springs,Father got us to stand in the water while the priests laid hands on us and prayed over us,it felt so magical..I felt renewed like a baptism with me older,as a baby my parents made the choice for me and this day,I made the choice and I feel alive, My God loves me,we then where able to go to the fount and bless ourselves and our rosaries and now my rosary is shining,like it was touched by Mary herself. At 3 we did the divine mercy novena whilst walking down to do the stations of the cross which I must say whilst walking uphill and kneeling on the gravel road made me feel like I was in Jesus shoes as he walked the walk to Calvary,and so many times I wanted to quit coz I was tired and only then did I see what my Jesus did for me,I can now see his pain,his anguish,my feet ached yet I had shoes on,he didn’t,my back ached yet he carried his cross,I don’t carry mine,I just pray and expect God to answer me without even understanding what he did for me,without even thanking him for the grace and mercy he gave me. After this we went into church for a talk from Fr Wayne and that talk felt like he prepared it just for hit home on so many levels..I felt so ashamed on how I lived my life and yet still my God loves me..I never felt so close to Jesus as I did on this retreat,fr spoke of mass and how we are coming to meet our king. why would we come late to meet our king,why would we dress so badly,why would we not respect our meeting coz every mass is us being in heaven with him and I for one never thought of it that way,after that I went and changed as I felt terrible for how I was dressed in Gods presence,we had mass after that and wow what a service..Jesus was among us,I felt him..we had a praise and worship with the blessed sacrament and the candle display was touched by the hand of Jesus, to be in his presence with such reverence for a person as flawed as myself was awe inspiring,I don’t deserves his love,yet he loves me,that night I had such joy in my heart,Father had a question and answer session where we could ask him anything and he would try and answer and I realized the importance of my faith,of standing up for my God when other people condemn him,I mean Jesus died for me,how can I let someone condemn him,he bled and died for me,I learnt the importance of preserving my soul as it belongs to christ as it is so easy for the devil to creep in, On sunday we went to mass where father spoke about divine mercy, I always followed this novena but never fully understood it,fr had me in tears in church as I felt so inadequate,so not deserving of Gods grace but Fr said that christ died for me and as I stand today he will do it again…that broke me coz I don’t deserve that kind of love,for my Jesus to go through all that pain again,I will now do my best to be conscious of my actions and thoughts,coz I don’t want my saviour to suffer like that again,I learnt a lot of how powerful divine mercy is and I recommend everyone to follow his mercy,Fr spoke about reading the holy mass book and I did…wow…I had no idea Mass suppose to be celebrated like that,Did u know when the priest does the consecration our loved ones that have passed away are sitting on the altar, did u know that when the offertery is done,our guardian angels walk up with our offerings…imagine if we have no thanksgiving to offer,or if we went to church out of habit or coz we forced too..what is our guardian angel walking up to christ who is in the place of our priest for us..that blew me away..did u know that Mary is on the altar with her son,mass will never be the same again for me,at the end of the retreat Fr asked me how I felt as in the beginning,he gave me an exercise and I told him,I feel great,I will be coming back coz I have been touched,I was sad to leave coz I know Mary and Jesus was all around me there but I feel different,I have a deeper understanding on my faith,I definitely believe that every catholic should go to the shrine to experience that unbelievable transformation,I endeavor to be worthy of my saviours sacrifice for me and my mother Marys love for me. Fathers, Wayne, Nott and Nkoneleku have been touched in a special way and that is why they have been able to touch us, We should always pray for our priest because they deserve our love and prayers as they bring us closer to Jesus, This retreat is something I will never forget and it should be who I want to be and how I want to live my life
Danè Donna David, johannesburg

26 02 2014

Hi Dane, Thank you for your lovely story it uplifted me and made me really want to go to Ngome, I have never been to the place but my mother and a group from our church went 2 weeks ago and they are going back in November, so I said I will join them. But I think November is too far now. I am from Durban and I know they is a group going in June I will be going with them. Thank you again for you story

15 04 2013

Good day,

this is the forth time I have visited Ngome, loved it and it continues to teach me about Jesus, his beloved Mother Mary. The adoration was truly remarkable and touching, I have left the shrine with such Joy in my heart and eager to learn more about our wonderful Father in heaven.

17 04 2013
Sibongile Ndimande (Emalahleni, Witbank)

I visited the shrine for the fourth time on the 6/7 April 2013. This time I had the pleasure of attending the holy hour on Saturday and I felt the presence of the Lord. I have had such a wonderful spiritual journey in the past 2 years – Confirmation in May 2012, becoming a fully-fledged Catholic at the ripe age of 38! What an honour! I love my spiritual life.

Each time I came to Ngome it was to “ask” for something but this time around it was to give thanks to our Father for the gift of life. I had celebrated my birthday on the 04 April and found myself thinking of all my friends and family who have since left this world and appreciating the fact that I am still alive. Therefore, this trip was very special to me. I came with my mom and dad. My mom and I are drawinging closer to each other and the catalyst is our FAITH.

Ngome reaffirms my faith in the Lord and our Mother. I will return, only this time I will go on the 3-day spiritual journey.

Thank you Frs Wayne and Nkululeko for the Word and Music. You are a blessing.

10 06 2013

I had a Blessed weekend after what we thought was hiccups! We lost our 2nd night accommodation to another Diocese (as I’m told) who had booked the Sat / Sun accommodation before us. It became such a blessing when we were told that we are then going to have a night vigil, (although at 1st that too was like not sounding good to me!). You know, that’s devil’s tricks when he wants you to lose the graces which are awaiting you! He implants endless complaints about everything in your heart! But our Lady of the Tabernacle knows our needs! On Friday we went to Inkamana Abbey and visited the graves of Sr Reynolda May (the one who had apparitions from our Mother Mary to find the seven springs) and Sr Ann Thole, who was working at the hospice and died whilst helping the remaining child inside the hospice when it caught fire. So amazingly, both these nuns died on the 1st of April in different years! After breakfast the following morning we then proceeded to Ngome Marian Shrine. You know, once you step in on Ngome grounds you just forget even your name and feel God in your inner self! And the way the three Priests there who work hand in hand (Frs Wayne, Nkululeko and Andrew) and the way they respect God, make you feel like you are in Heaven already! Oh! Then, just listen to Fr Wayne talking about being Catholic, our God, our Angels, our Saints! He makes you fully understand and know what is sin, how to communicate with Angels, the saints, God, Mother Mary and bring back hope that if we are clean (of sin) our God listens to us and answers the way you never believe. We then had a wonderful Adoration on Saturday night and celebrated the feast of Immacuate heart of Mary. We were going to miss that whilst going to and from Inkamana if things had gone as arranged.
There was another group from Dobsonville and a group from Maseru – Lesotho which came with 3 buses and a number of cars. I am telling you this! They just completed the week-end! Their music was divine, out of this world! I could feel the Holy Spirit when we were praying with them at the Springs although I do not understand the language. On Sunday we had an opportunity as well to be anointed with oil. I wanted to tell Fr Meyiwa when he was anointing me to just anoint the whole left side which is always so painful and was troubling me in the time of anointing, but then I just kept quiet and had the anointing on my both hands as well as my forehead. Do you know what! My left side of body has been better from that time! On our way to Inkamana / Ngome we were people full of complaints about other things and were never united. When we came back we were united, singing together and all talking about a Blessing we had there. A really wonderful and amazing spiritual trip.

All praise and Glory to our wonderful Mother Mary, the Tabernacle of the Most High, and our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Zonke Masinga – St Paul – Ntuzuma.

26 02 2014

Hi Zonke, It’s just amazing how we Catholics don’t appreciate the thing swe have that brings us close to our King, we neglet places like e Ngome, Kaveal, e Ntshanga and Centocow but those are our Holy places as Catholics when we pray in those places things happens My mother went to Ngome last week and the stories that told us when they came back made me want to go, so I am going this year. I live in Newlands and attend at Blessed Liberat and I also to St. Paul occasionally, so I am really happy for you. I feel blessed as I am reading all this story on this site. And I am going to share them.

25 06 2013
Lorraine Jack

I first hear of Ngome Shrine from friend who are former South Africans and now live in Canada. I am a former South Africa and Canada has been my home for almost 32 years. Just in May 2013, my youngest sister Bernie had the opportunity and blessing to go on a pilgrimage to Ngome. I have wanted to go too since hearing about it from my firends and now my sister. I feel so happy and blessed as I just found out today that I can join a parish from Durban who are going on Pilgrimage in September this year when I will be visitng my family. I am so excited that I can go. I look forward to have some wonderful experiences and Peace with our Blessed Mother. Thank you Father Wayne. I look forward to meeting you the first week of September. God Bless, Lorraine

13 09 2013
Mphomotseng Tsotetsi

My first visit was in 2007, I was still in school and what a blessing was it to be in such a Holy place. Law and Statistics were threatening to keep me back from going to Third year, and the Priest lay his hands on my brains and I knew I would be Blessed. Today on this day 2013/09/13 I feel I am not coping financially, and debt ratio is extremely its keeping me from coming to Ngome,I was a regular visitor, and I am desperately praying and hoping for that opening from Heaven please, not just for me. My partner, Son and I want to be in the prescence of Our Mother, we want to Thank Her for the love, kindness, and her intersceding for us with God….but now we really need a break through for our Heaven to Open Up for us as a family and for Our Financial Break throughs to locate us as a family, and for my partner to be employed as Human Resources Manager, and for me to be able to take care of my mother and son. Please all we need is to find ourselves in Ngome again, but we need the funds..Another reason we desperately want to come at Ngome, I have faith once my best friend and husband are in Ngome, than God will bless them with a baby, they need the air and the prayers. Oh Turbanacle Of The Most High Mary Please Pray for us as a Family and keep uniting us as a Holy Family.

17 12 2013

This words of the tabernacle, it didn’t make sense until I visited Ngome. I give God all the glory, and thanks. For being the almighty to us. Jesus with your body and blood, mother Mary for saying yes. “I am the tabernacle”.

7 02 2014
Banyana Nkgapha

I cant hold back my hapiness for the trip to Ngome in the next 2 weeks. I have heard all about the holy place and now i want to go experience the holy spirit being in control, my steps are heading in the right direction.

21 02 2014

it is going to be my first visitation to the Terbanacle of the Most High. I look forward to prayers ,new life and the seal of the Holy Spirit to come upon me and loved one’s

28 02 2014

I am visiting Ngome from 1-2 March 2014 for the first time. May the Tabernacle of the Most High pray for us to have a safe journey.

4 03 2014
Kamogelo Johnson

I was at the Shrine this presvious weekend. I experienced closure and the presence of self consiousnessness in the presence of the LORD IN THE REPRESENTATION OF THE TERBANCLE OF THE MOST HIGH. It was a true blessing. Thanks to all the Benedictine Nuns, Oblate Priests , Choir from Joburg and the Pilgrims from all over. Amen .

11 03 2014

I was there the first weekend of March, the peace and joy I received from there stays with me, it feels like something has been uplifted from me I feel lighter and different. Its an unexplainable feeling

13 03 2014

Our Lady being called Tabernacle of the Most High is no surprise for me. What is really challening to me is the second part of the message; ……”.I am the Tabernacle… are you”. I find it even difficult to explain my own feeling when I heard this phrase. It really challenged me and how can I who is nobody be His Tabernacle? I thank God everyday for hearing such a challenging yet a comforting message of Our lady. I am now ready to journey along my new path with our Lord and saviour and our Mother Mary Tabernacle of the Most High, as a true christian. God is really there for everyone and if we give him the opportunity to work within us we will definitely go along way and have a life full of graces and still have boulder/stones and rocky lands to overcome but the difference is that we now have Greater Faith in our Father that he will take us through anything and he will never give us something we cannot handle and we need to always remember that ,after a rain or storm remember there’s always Sunshine.
My prayer is that Our Mother Mary, Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Father God all remind me and draw me back into their love if ever my faith begins to weaken again. This pilgrim is a must to every faith searching soul.

28 04 2014

I visited Ngome last year and i prayed for miracles and they all happened, I am thankful to our Holy Mary. Looking foward to visit again.

27 02 2015

I am always revived everytime i visit that place, our Lady of graces is really there, everytime i look at her statue i feel her presence! She has touched my soul and life in many ways. I went to Ngome for the third time on the 20th of February 2015. I will never forget the Adoration performed by our priests, Fr w, Fr N. and Fr A. I felt like i was in heaven. I am looking foward to visit the shrine again not to ask for graces but to thank Mother Mary for all the blessings I recieved together with my family.

18 03 2015
Thembi Masango(Ivory park)Holy rosary

Since i started visiting Ngome my life have changed so much,This year i am going.Lord help me to be thankful with all your blessings and my family.

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